Apartments are available for Lease or Rent only.
• The period of Lease will be for Eleven months preferred and renewal for three terms.
• Lease Deposit will be twelve or ten months of the monthly rentals. 
  This will be negotiated with each client depending on the Lease period and other   requirements each client may have. 
• Kitchen will include cabinets, stove, and hob. 
• All four Bedrooms will have Wardrobes which include a dressing area and storage   lofts. 
• Kitchens and Wardrobes are customisable to meet the requirements of each client. 
• White goods, lighting, curtains, etc. are negotiable with each client to
   suit their individual needs.
• Air Conditioners are also negotiable with each client to suit their individual needs,    however, the location has its own natural unobstructed cool wind and air    conditioners may not be a necessity. 
• Furniture for the living room, dining room, and bedrooms will have to be
  provided by the client. 
  However, clients with special needs can be provided with furniture as well.